I just realized why I like New Year’s  so very much – it’s the same reason Monday is my favorite day of the week.  It’s possibilities.  In each case, I can put the past behind me – any failings or incompletions – and start anew.  It’s a second chance.  It’s a jump start.  It’s a fresh beginning.

With each new week – and each new year – I’ve learned something in the past that I can carry into the future and benefit from.  And I’ve become adept at releasing myself from guilt or dwelling on the past – yet another gift of age – and allowing myself the joy of possibilities.

There are so many – personally:  I’ve learned a lot about nutrition over the past year (in particular, see Grain Brain) that I can institute for myself and my family in 2014.  I’m working with a wonderful friend and personal trainer (shout out to Ann Beck at www.Facebook.com/BetterBodiesByBeck), who is helping me meet some goals and learn to incorporate exercise into my daily routine.  It’s been so interesting to see how my body responds to different levels of work that I ask of it.  Aerobic activity is not a good choice for me.  As soon as my heart rate elevates AT ALL – I lose sight in my left eye.  It always comes back, at least it always has, but it’s unnerving.  And when we pushed the aerobic level a few weeks ago – I lost almost all sight and had a bad couple of days following that session.  I’m approaching the victory lap of my 50th birthday and aside from my multiple sclerosis, nutrition and exercise have become much more interesting because of that impending date!!

Professionally:  I LOVE all things FUMS – I love blogging, I love the personal interaction that I get via the Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/FUMSnow) and the Twitter account (www.Twitter.com/FUMSnow), and I hope that I provide value on all platforms.  My intention has always been to cull through all of the studies, articles, products,  advertisements, medical claims, pharmaceutical propaganda, etc., and provide a sane voice in an insane and confusing world.  I have wanted to be that place where MS’ers could go for a good laugh and a good friend.  Somewhere where we could come together to share tips and tricks for living our best lives with this disease.  I hope I’ve provided that.  Additionally, one of my main objectives has been to raise money and awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and FIND A  CURE!!  This past year, with the help of so many people, we raised $30,000 – 100% of which is going directly into research for that CURE.  I found the Race to Erase MS and LOVE what they’re doing.  They founded the Center Without Walls where they’ve formed a consortium of the best and brightest medical minds in the MS realm and told them to concentrate on finding that cure – and the foundation would concentrate on finding the money.  BRILLIANT.

Health: There’s so much going on in research right now for our disease state. There are discoveries every week.  Those puzzle pieces are coming together.  We’re ramping up and heading toward the cure.  There are a multitude of medications now available both for disease modification and symptom control.  Additionally, there are folks like Dr. Terry Wahls and Dr. David Perlmutter doing great work in nutritional therapies and having great success.  Finding the right approach for each of us is the trick as this disease is so damn goofy – it’s different in each person and different each day in each person.  Weird.

I just have such great hope for 2014 and I realize it’s because of the possibilities.  There are so very many – it’s limitless.  Choose to focus on those most important to you – and then dream big.  Why couldn’t you find a new job this year?  Why not get in shape?  Why couldn’t you heal that broken relationship?  Why couldn’t there be a cure found?  Possibilities.

Happy New Year.  And thanks so much for your support in 2013.  I’m looking forward to sharing all the possibilities with you in 2014.


Remember, sometimes it helps alleviate the stress, just to say F-U-M-S

Special thanks to www.FreeDigitalPhotos.net for allowing www.FUMSnow.com permission to use those great champagne glasses.  Cheers!

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