Multiple Sclerosis News Update

LOADS of MS information in this post.  Find what’s interesting to you and click the link to read the article.  Enjoy!!


Stem Cell Therapy Dilemma Pits Patient Outcomes Against Quest For Innovation

Review Suggests PEG-IFN Therapy for Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Significantly Reduces Relapse Rates

Revised MRI Guidelines for Multiple Sclerosis Stress Consistency

Your Brain Is Bigger In The Morning

The Multiple Sclerosis Association of America Launches Updated My MS Manager™ Mobile Phone App to Help People with MS Better Manage Their Disease

Gene variants linked to MS disrupt key regulator of inflammation

New immunoregulation and biomarker

Suicidal Thoughts Not Uncommon in MS

Multiple sclerosis: A clinically useful genetic variant in multiple sclerosis?

FDA Taps Online Patient Database To Gain Access To Patient-Reported MS Health Data

LMU Researchers Identify Biomarker BCMA to Measure MS Severity

Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease

The Osmonds and MS: Like Father, Like Son

Settling the score: ‘Revenge’ star Madeleine Stowe fights MS that took her father

First generic multiple sclerosis drug

Animal Models Offer New Insights Into Energy Metabolism in Multiple Sclerosis

Biotin benefits ‘clinically relevant’ in progressive multiple sclerosis

Study Shows Vitamin D Supplementation in Pregnant Women With MS Positively Impacts Disease Severity


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