Hurricane MS


The eastern seaboard of the United States just went through a HUGE storm – Hurricane Sandy.  I live in southern Virginia, right near the coast, so I have experienced hurricanes many times in the past.  I realized how similar a hurricane is to having MS.  Although you know it’s “out there,” you never really know when or where it’s going to “hit.”  Nor do you know how bad the hit might be this time.  You can experience fear, anxiety, the lights can go out suddenly and you could very well end up with great pain and permanent damage.  Either storm is not something anyone would choose to go through – but that is thrust upon some of us.

I was busy Tweeting and messaging other FUMS’ers throughout the storm and I heard over and over that the weather was affecting everyone’s MS.  We certainly know this is true in relation to mental well-being.  Seasonal Affectation Disorder (SAD) is a well known malady suffered but a great deal of people living in northern climates with long winters and little sunlight.  But what about the physical affectation of weather?

I’ve often heard of an elderly person “knowing” that it’s going to rain because of his or her arthritis acting up.  It’s rather accepted knowledge that migraines increase with low pressure systems.  So what about MS?   I know that heat really bothers me.  And Sandy seems to have put a hurtin’ on me as well.  My right side went numb last night and I’m twitching like crazy.

So – is your MS affected by the weather?  Do you feel better or worse based on the weather?  And what, if anything, do you do to help mitigate the effects?

I look forward to hearing what you all have to share.

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