FUMS 003 – Squatty Potty Interview


In this episode of the FUMSnow Podcast Show, I interview Bobby and Judy Edwards, co-founders of the very successful Squatty Potty company.  You may have seen them on the American television show “Shark Tank,” where Lori Greiner (the “warm-blooded shark”) was lucky enough to have partnered with them.

Judy Edward’s interest in toilet posture came when she had 7 children, many of whom had constipation issues.  In fact, Judy herself, though she ate a healthy diet and got plenty of good exercise, still found herself battling with constipation issues.  She learned about other cultures using the “squatting” posture with great success, and she, her husband and their son Bobby got busy producing prototypes originally used just for family and friends.  Thankfully for the MS community, many of whom experience bowel and bladder issues, the Edwards family decided to share this revolutionary idea with the world – hence, Squatty Potty was born!Squatty Potty Logo

You’ll learn

  • that the IBS and Autism communities have found this of great use in particular
  • laxatives, prescription and OTC medications for constipation may no longer be needed
  • that this company is seeking to be in compliance with FDA specifications so the Squatty Potty can be deemed a medical device and possibly qualify for medical insurance coverage.
  • how they got on Shark Tank and what the Sharks are really like!



Resources in the Episode

Squatty Potty (order your own here)

Shark Tank



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