Flu Shot – Or Not?



Injections, Injectables, MS, multiple sclerosis drugs, Betaserone,Every year, I hear it from both my neurologist and my primary care doc:  “You need to get a flu shot.  You need to protect yourself, especially when you have MS.”  But – is that true?  I know a lot of people question the necessity – even the advisability of injecting one more thing into an already ravaged system.

There are those who will tell you that when they’ve gotten the shot in the past, they’ve gotten the flu.  I asked about that and the docs assure me that while that may have happened in the past when live vaccine was part of the shot, it can no longer happen because there is no live vaccine in the current shots.  You may, however, have a temporary increase in your temperature or even feel a bit “flu-like.”  That, however, is not the flu, but rather a reaction by an already over-reactive immune system, registering the presence of yet another foreign solution.

Which reminds me – you might be thinking about getting out of another shot by going for the nasal mist.  DON’T DO IT.  That is LIVE vaccine.  You may well wind up with not only the flu, but a relapse.  Nope – if you’re opting for the flu vaccine and you have multiple sclerosis, it must be in the form of the injection.  And if you’re in the midst of an exacerbation – wait until you’ve stabilized.

It’s safe and it may well protect you not only from the flu itself but from a flare.  So why do some people choose not to get the flu shot?  Needle phobia.  Belief that they could contract the flu from the flu shot.  A need to limit their exposure to even one more medical visit.  Whatever the reason – there are a good deal of folks choosing not to get a flu shot.  How about you?  Will you be getting one?  Why or why not?

Either way – here’s to staying healthy – whatever that means!!

Remember – it helps alleviate the stress, just to say F-U-M-S!!


5 thoughts on “Flu Shot – Or Not?”

  1. I will certainly get a flu shot. The flu kills people every year and should someone like myself with MS contract it, it would be even more serious than someone without My immune system may not be able to fight it off before it does permanent or even terminal damage. Yes, the shot itself cannot protect you against all strains of the flu and that is why even now without a live vaccine some people claim to have gotten the flu…but it is protection that I do not want to pass up. MS controls so much of my body’s responses, this is one area where I can take control to stay healthier.

  2. I get a flu shot every year. I’ve been living with MS for over 20 years and I’ve never gotten the flu from the flu shot. I understand everyone has their opinion on this topic, this is just mine. If there’s a chance it’s going to help prevent a horrible flu from invading my body that has a hard time fighting off a common cold, I’m all for it! Thanks for the post, and FUMS!

  3. I got the flu shot. I figure it couldn’t hurt. My primary doctor’s office said it should be fine with it not being the live virus shot….so shot only no nose spray. From my understanding that is made with the live virus. So bring on the needle…what is one more anyway? 🙂

  4. I have been having the Flu shot for 13 years now.My GP considered that I was “at risk” after a heart bypass operation, so I got it for free. In the UK, it has always been given to me by needle. I do not know why anyone would not want it, but look at it like this:
    If it is offered and not taken up, and you get a real bad dose of Flu, there could be a medical professional wagging their finger saying “Well, you were offered it …”.
    Thirteen years into a bypass, plus six into MS, chances are for someone else to take.

  5. I was diagnosed with MS almost 2 years ago. I will never get a flu shot again.
    Read the fine print of the document they make you sign when you receive the shot, potential risk for Guillane Barre. Do you want to risk adding another chronic disease to your system? I don’t. I know a young woman that contacted GB from flu shot in 2011. Know all the facts and do your research before you make your decision. Mine is no flu shot.

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