Coconut Oil for Multiple Sclerosis: Will a Pina Colada Work??


I’m always interested in anything non-pharmaceutical that I can add to my bag of tricks in working toward kicking MS’s ass.  A friend of mine recently sent me information on coconut oil, telling me that “they” are having great results in Alzheimer and MS patients.  I’m always a bit leery about “they.”  “They” make a lot of grand pronouncements, but “they” are rarely involved in any clinical studies, etc.   So – I set about learning what I could about this coconut oil stuff.  As referenced in my title, prior to this suggestion, coconut in my world meant one of two things:  either sunscreen or a pina colada – and they were often enjoyed together!

So, in my “studies” I found a TON of information – some clinical, some anecdotal.  All of it very promising and exciting.  The vast majority of the conversation in regards to coconut oil is with Alzheimers.  However, Alzheimers is a neurodegenerative disease like MS and I think you can absolutely draw conclusions for MS based on the good outcomes “they” have been finding for Alzheimers.  I strongly suggest that you go to and search on “coconut oil.”  Tons of videos about it.  And there are a ton of books on the subject as well.  The one that I think best addresses Multiple Sclerosis as well as Altzheimers and other progressive, neurodegenerative diseases is Stop Alzheimer’s Now!: How to Prevent & Reverse Dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis & Other Neurodegenerative Disorders by Bruce Fife and Russell L. Blaylock.

I’m so interested in this concept – of nutriceuticals – eating for health, consumption based on disease state.  It’s not a new notion, just fairly new to me.  I never thought about what I ate or drank prior to my diagnosis.  If it tasted good, it past the litmus test.  Now, however, I’m one of the believers.  I see a real difference in how I feel based on what I ingest.  I’m juicing now – but that’s another blog post waiting to happen.

I’d love your thoughts and experiences with coconut oil – or any other nutritional-based treatment for MS.  Do you think there’s merit in this realm of thinking or do you think it’s all bunk?  Are nutritional alternatives to medicines being suppressed by pharmaceutical companies?  Are you going to try  coconut oil yourself or suggest it to someone you know?  Let me know.  I’m always interested in what everyone’s up to.  And I’ll let you know what I think when I try it.  Yep, I’m going to try it.  Absolutely.  I’m in the camp of – “why not”.  If it’s not going to hurt me – and it doesn’t appear it would – then, why not.

Thanks for leaving your comments on this and other posts.  Thanks for your support of my work on this site.  And thanks for saying “FUMS” with me!



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10 thoughts on “Coconut Oil for Multiple Sclerosis: Will a Pina Colada Work??”

  1. I have been using the paleo diet to control my MS for 2 years. It really works well for me so I made a web site about all the books and resources I used to learn about it. In the past 2 years I have talked to hundreds of people about food and MS. Some people have great success with paleo and some don’t. The successful outweigh the unsuccessful. Some people like the Swank diet but I don’t see the level of success with Swank and Jellinek that I do with paleo. That is because paleo is a superior idea.

    In the beginning I was swimming up stream trying to get the word out. I felt compelled to get the word out because I had such astounding success. Now Dr. Terry Wahls has become very vocal about her success, which is considerable, and she lends some much needed street cred to the decision to use nutrition and lifestyle to control MS. She is doing controlled studies through the University of Iowa that will really give the diet credibility.

    The fact that there are people who do not find relief makes me think in a different way about MS. I don’t think the answer is that MS is a food allergy. MS is a serious disease with serious consequences. It is also a disease of modern civilization, like cancer. Was there no cancer before the agricultural revolution? Was there no MS? Little to none. So there is an element to MS that has nothing to do with diet.

    I could go on and on! I firmly believe that everyone with MS or any autoimmune disease should try the autoimmune protocol of the paleo diet. Even if it doesn’t reverse the disease itself it has the potential to alleviate symptoms dramatically. And the food isn’t even the most important part. Stress management, sleep, having fun, they are all just as important.

  2. Kathy,
    I’m from the old school and over the last 30+ years of my MS I have not changed my diet at all. My life has only ben changed by the MS restrictions. I have always had a mind over matter and a good sense of humor attitude which have served me well.
    Good luck with what suits you best.


  3. Hello Kathy-
    Love your attitude. my mom and dad both were diagnosed with MS. 4years ago my father passed away from Melenoma. My mom live with my husband and I. About 10 days ago with this horrible heat my mom could not walk and could barely stand. I was freaking out as I am responsible for her and felt I was letting her down. I saw the article about the coconut oil. I purchased the virgin organic along with paleo diet. Believe it or not 3 days later after 3teaspoons a day of coconut oil my mom was walking better then ever. I am a full believer it took the stress, worry , and anxiety out of both our lives.

    Warmest Regards
    “Live Life Beautifully”

    Many blessings

    1. That’s fantastic news, Kimberley! Love it. I hope your mom continues to improve. Please keep in touch and let me know how it’s all going.



  4. My friend with dementia has been taking it for 3 months and her symptoms have improved so much that to me this coconut oil is just a miracle oil! Try it you have nothing to lose!

  5. The only clinical data that I am aware of is the work of Dr. Swank. He saw his patients stop declining and on average, they went from one flare every 15 months to one every 10 years. So the low saturated fat diet is quite effective. I’ve been on it for 5 years. I went from 3 flares in the first 15 months, to none since I started the diet. For those who say follow the doctor, I would direct you to youtube where you can see a news piece on Anette Funicello. It is shocking to see what end stage MS looks like. I say no thanks. I’ll do everything I can to stop it.

    Now to the question of coconut oil specifically, I don’t think you can draw the same conclusion between Alzheimers and MS. Swank showed that (and it has been confirmed since) that after a high fat or high sugar meal, the blood clots and gets sticky. This damages the flow and possibly the blood brain barrier.

    Dr. Terry Wahls on the other hand, uses coconut oil, I think in moderation, in combination with a very extreme diet, and she seems to have good results. So I would maybe try it with caution, but watch for symptoms. I personally think the real culprit behind MS is dairy fat (cheese, cream, milk, ice cream, butter). Give that stuff up, and you’ll be amazed.

    1. John — Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I’m so psyched to hear of your great results on the Swank diet. I saw that video of Annette Funicello. I shared it on the FUMSnow network and it is shocking – and so very sad. And, highly motivational.

      I have noticed that sugar, in particular, makes a huge difference in how I feel. It’s unbelievable how I crave it – and really enjoy it – right up until I don’t! After I eat some sugar, the “cog fog” and general lethargy and malaise is undeniable. I have avoided dairy – not as strictly as I should, but certainly limited it a TON more than I had – and I do think I see some change. MS is a tough one to discern because I don’t notice right away when I’ feeling good – or like I should. It’s only when I get to feeling bad that I notice!

      Glad you’ve found something that’s helping you so much. Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us. FUMS!

  6. My wife and I both have RRMS, Started atkins and works great for thoes who don’t move as well as they want to(aka sit and lose weight). But I hit a stall and read alot about virgin Coconut oil (CO) will kick you back in ketosis (OH MAN DID IT EVER)love the color purple on ketostix. As a question I set out to see if there was anything about CO benifits with M/S and I landed here, I’m encouraged by what I see, I’ve been taking 1 Tbl spoon 2x a day I’m on my 2nd day. I do feel a little more energy after I take it, but I still fatige somewhat easily soooooo, I will give it some time and see what comes of it. GOOD WE HOPE!!!!!!!

  7. Hi! Glad to see you are interested in the link between diet and disease! Juicing is an excellent way of helping anyone on the path to wellness. I would suggest a look at Dr. Robert Young’s research on understanding how disease is related to how alkaline or acidic our body is. You can read his book, the pH Miracle. He has found that there is a direct relationship between disease and how acidic or alkaline the body is. Anything that can make it impossible to have an over growth of the bad bacteria, viruses, and fungus in the body, will lead to an alkaline state and thus make it impossible for disease to take a foot-hold.

    Coconut oil is amazing because it is anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal (in addition to boosting your metabolism, providing extended energy and fat for the brain, nerves and hormones). Ingesting coconut oil or things like coconut oil, such as medical grade essential oils, you will automatically begin breaking the toxic cycle of toxins being put into your body from these microbes, PLUS! you will diminish your want for sugary/carb like things that promote an acidic environment (which can lead to obesity, heart disease and cancer to name a few). These disease causing microbes literally steal your nutrients, lower your immune system, and then release acid when they are finished. The combination of juicing and coconut oil is ideal because it packs a one -two punch at disease causing microbes—making your body inhospitable to disease.

    Having a positive outlook is also key in our state of health because negative thinking literally translates into acidity in the body. This is can be tested using pH strips and saliva. When we are in a positive state, such as in meditation, we are more likely to breath freely and oxygen is extremely beneficial to killing microbes and healing the body.

    Dr. Robert Young has made disease easy to understand. Labeling disease causes us to believe that diseases are compartmentalized and when they are just a reflection of where we are are on the pH scale. Our bodies will do practically anything it can to stay alkaline, including taking calcium from our bones (aka osteoporosis) and other nutrients when possible.

    Eliminating acidic foods, and starving the disease causing microbes, will drastically change your health because it will allow the body to process the toxins that have been stored in fat cells and organ tissue because the onslaught of acidity was previously too great for the liver to handle.

    Ridding your body of toxins, bacteria, fungus, and viruses, and replenishing the good bacteria will lead to health and wellness. This is obviously a simplified version of what is possible in turning around your health, so please feel free to ask questions if need be.

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