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Pain, Pain, Go Away . . .

Pain, Pain, Go Away

  “There’s pain with MS?” inquired the110,000th person to ask me about it.  “Well, there certainly can be,” I calmly answered.  “Not really,” said the neurologist sitting there – that obviously didn’t know me.  “I beg your pardon,” I asked, still kindly, yet sitting up a little straighter.  “Well, MS itself doesn’t cause pain.  There […]

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MS – Choosing Your Poison

Medicine - Pick Your Poison

  When I was diagnosed, the neurologist pushed several large binders across his desk at me and told me to review them and decide which injectable I’d like to start on immediately.  WOW!  That was a shocker.  I had just been told I had this chronic disease and now I’m supposed to read and understand […]

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Do You Hear What I Hear? How MS Affects Your Hearing


What?  I’m sorry?  Would you mind saying that again?  My family’s getting used to me saying this.  I have what I call MS Ear:  a heaviness or “thickness” felt in ones ear often accompanied by the sounds of a helicopter in the distance or of a microphone left “open” in the wind.  I HATE IT. […]

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MS Symptoms Are Weird


      MS symptoms are weird.  There’s no rhyme or reason to them – how they manifest, how long they’ll stay.  It’s day to day – hour to hour – minute to minute.  It really can and does change that fast.  I’ve woken up in the morning and felt great, and by the time […]

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Cog Fog – Cognitive Issues in Multiple Sclerosis

pain, confusion, ms symptoms, cog fog

Recently, I literally couldn’t form full sentences.  I’m used to the usual “word fishing” but this was beyond that – it was full blown “cog fog” where I can’t keep straight what I’m talking about, doing, about to do, have done, etc.  I was walking around dazed and confused.  The anxiety of the situation was […]

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