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Multiple Sclerosis Holiday Gift Guide – 2013

  I can’t believe it’s that time already – time to make that list and check it twice . . .   To help alleviate some of the guess work – and to help those who are receiving the gifts get what they can really use and enjoy – I asked the FUMS community to […]

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Carbs and Sugar and Grains, Oh My!


I’ve watched this conversation develop over the last couple of years.  I’ve wanted it to go away.  I’ve ignored it.  I’ve denied it.  I’ve scowled at it.  I LOVE breads and crackers and candy and cakes and cookies and all of those things that I grew up equating with love.  They taste good.  They make […]

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Helpful Apps for Multiple Sclerosis

  Apps – or applications – can be fun.  They can be helpful.  They can be downright lifesaving.  I put out the call for the most helpful apps that our readership uses to help in their life with MS.  Here’s the top 5: MS Journal — this app, created for MS patients and caregivers, helps […]

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CCSVI – Cure or Quackery?

Multiple Sclerosis Surgery

Like most of my MS compatriots, I have been known to surf the net looking for some recently unearthed “cure” or ancient answer to the mystery that is Multiple Sclerosis.  It’s usually late at night when I can’t sleep and am in too much pain to be alone with my thoughts – or when I’m […]

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MS Gets on My Nerves

MS Peace Frog

  It’s World MS Day – but what does that mean, exactly.  Well, it was started to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis throughout the world.  And I think it has succeeded.  If you read all the stories today on the various news and blog sites, there are programs going on in 75+ countries today to […]

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