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FUN(d) Raising for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

  Last week, Cedar Point Country Club in Suffolk, Virginia, USA, hosted the 1st Annual Teed Off at MS Golf and Tennis fundraising event.  It was phenomenal.  There was a sea of orange wherever you looked.  There was much awareness raising going on.  There was much fundraising going on – and there was a whole […]

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Stress Less with MS – Hey, That Rhymes

Stress and Multiple Sclerosis

  One of the first things my neurologist told me when I was diagnosed was that I needed to alleviate stress in my life.  Seriously?  I had a 4 year old and a 6 year old at the time.  My husband is a golf pro which means that he’s not home much.  He works everyday […]

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Jack Osbourne: Welcome to Club MS


  I saw it on my newsfeed first.  Then I heard it on TV.  People started emailing me about it.  I went to Facebook and posted a message about it.  A quick search and I saw his mother, Sharon Osbourne, crying on her talk show about it.  Yesterday, he was interviewed about it.  It’s official: […]

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Nutrition and Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?


One of the first questions I posed to the neurologist who had just told me I had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) was if I should be eating differently.  He said just eating a balanced diet – one based on the food pyramid – was sufficient.  “After all, there’s nothing you or anyone else can do about […]

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