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Fun(d)raising, Awareness and Help – Oh My!

Multiple Sclerosis Orange Ribbon Legs

It’s that time of year again – FUN(d)RAISING TIME!!!.  There are a TON of walks, runs, golf tournaments, bike events, auctions – both silent and loud, etc., going on right now.  It’s all so important and if you’re involved with one in any way – including donating – please let me thank you on behalf […]

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Live – From The Orange Carpet . . .

Sharon Osbourne, Kathy Reagan Young, Nancy Davis and Jack Osbourne

  Did you know that medical funding is extremely competitive – for grant money and straight donation?  That means that a scientist in Budapest might have a piece of the puzzle that would fit perfectly with a scientist’s piece of puzzle in Switzerland, but they’re guarding their pieces instead of sharing for fear of losing […]

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Carbs and Sugar and Grains, Oh My!


I’ve watched this conversation develop over the last couple of years.  I’ve wanted it to go away.  I’ve ignored it.  I’ve denied it.  I’ve scowled at it.  I LOVE breads and crackers and candy and cakes and cookies and all of those things that I grew up equating with love.  They taste good.  They make […]

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Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Trials


  I get a fair number of emails asking about how someone can get “on” a clinical trial for MS.  Instead of replying to each individually (which I have been doing), I thought I’d let you all know the path to learning more about this option in your MS journey. It’s funny how there seems […]

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Hurricane MS


  The eastern seaboard of the United States just went through a HUGE storm – Hurricane Sandy.  I live in southern Virginia, right near the coast, so I have experienced hurricanes many times in the past.  I realized how similar a hurricane is to having MS.  Although you know it’s “out there,” you never really […]

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