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Help for Cog Fog

Brain Octane for Cog Fog

When I find something that actually helps with a symptom – or generally with dealing with life with MS – I have to share it.  I’ve found something that has really made a difference for one of my most persistent and maddening symptoms:  cog fog.  You know the one – where your right in the […]

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Carbs and Sugar and Grains, Oh My!


I’ve watched this conversation develop over the last couple of years.  I’ve wanted it to go away.  I’ve ignored it.  I’ve denied it.  I’ve scowled at it.  I LOVE breads and crackers and candy and cakes and cookies and all of those things that I grew up equating with love.  They taste good.  They make […]

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Does Diet Affect MS?

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One of the first questions that I asked my doctor when I was diagnosed, was about diet and exercise.  Well, actually, it was my husband who had the presence of mind to ask the question.  My original neurologist told us that I should just concentrate on a “good, healthy” diet (whatever-in-the-hell that means) and stay […]

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Coconut Oil for Multiple Sclerosis: Will a Pina Colada Work??


I’m always interested in anything non-pharmaceutical that I can add to my bag of tricks in working toward kicking MS’s ass.  A friend of mine recently sent me information on coconut oil, telling me that “they” are having great results in Alzheimer and MS patients.  I’m always a bit leery about “they.”  “They” make a […]

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