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To Take Drugs or Not – That Is The Question

When I was first diagnosed, the neurologist pushed a pile of information across his desk at me and told me to go home and digest it – and come back in a week with a decision as to which drug I wanted to start on immediately.  It was understood that I would be starting on […]

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Flu Shot – Or Not?

    Every year, I hear it from both my neurologist and my primary care doc:  “You need to get a flu shot.  You need to protect yourself, especially when you have MS.”  But – is that true?  I know a lot of people question the necessity – even the advisability of injecting one more […]

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New Oral Drugs for MS

Pills and Injections

  A pill.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  We’re not asking for much.  Why do all of those other diseases get pills and we get injections?  I know – Diabetes gets shots too.  And I’m sure there are others.  My apologies to those diseases that suck like MS because you have to  give yourself a shot. […]

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MS – Choosing Your Poison

Medicine - Pick Your Poison

  When I was diagnosed, the neurologist pushed several large binders across his desk at me and told me to review them and decide which injectable I’d like to start on immediately.  WOW!  That was a shocker.  I had just been told I had this chronic disease and now I’m supposed to read and understand […]

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Neurotic Neurologists?


  They can be the most integral part of your healthcare team – and the most difficult to find.  Sure, there are plenty of them out there – but if you’re looking for one that is both personable and well-informed, specifically in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, you may be in for a bumpy ride. […]

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