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15 Seconds to a Happier Day

Girls with Clock

There I was, laying on my bed in pain and with significant “cog fog”.  Those nagging questions were hovering nearby:  will I recover from this?  will I ever be able to form full-sentences again?  am I of use to anyone?  am I of value?  do I bring anything to this world or am I just […]

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CCSVI – Cure or Quackery?

Multiple Sclerosis Surgery

Like most of my MS compatriots, I have been known to surf the net looking for some recently unearthed “cure” or ancient answer to the mystery that is Multiple Sclerosis.  It’s usually late at night when I can’t sleep and am in too much pain to be alone with my thoughts – or when I’m […]

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Does Diet Affect MS?

nutrition photo

One of the first questions that I asked my doctor when I was diagnosed, was about diet and exercise.  Well, actually, it was my husband who had the presence of mind to ask the question.  My original neurologist told us that I should just concentrate on a “good, healthy” diet (whatever-in-the-hell that means) and stay […]

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Stress Less with MS – Hey, That Rhymes

Stress and Multiple Sclerosis

  One of the first things my neurologist told me when I was diagnosed was that I needed to alleviate stress in my life.  Seriously?  I had a 4 year old and a 6 year old at the time.  My husband is a golf pro which means that he’s not home much.  He works everyday […]

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Coconut Oil for Multiple Sclerosis: Will a Pina Colada Work??


I’m always interested in anything non-pharmaceutical that I can add to my bag of tricks in working toward kicking MS’s ass.  A friend of mine recently sent me information on coconut oil, telling me that “they” are having great results in Alzheimer and MS patients.  I’m always a bit leery about “they.”  “They” make a […]

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