Are They SURE You Have MS?


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  1. Joy J Says:

    F-U! Of *COURSE* I’ve been questioned/ looked at with suspicion/ squinted at and challenged by everyone from rude strangers to dear friends who just DON’T GET IT.
    I consider it another of our incurable symptoms for which there is no med: The daily ITCH, HURT, or annoyance that’s got no complete or easy answer.

    I figured if I could get used to seeing double, feeling like I’m 90, having “seasickness” with every trip to the grocery store, and wanting to heave from emptying the dishwasher… that I could get used to other peoples’ ignorance, suspicion or just curiosity. Kinda THEIR problem, not mine really.

    I haven’t YET smacked anybody with my cane and I TRY to briefly explain and educate, making NO excuses. There are so many out there with fibro, diabetes,
    etc., whose health is lousy but who may look great. I tend to give the world a break and concentrate on taking care of ME. Maybe they’re just jealous that on a rainy Monday morning when they have to fight traffic to get to work, I’m “Lucky” enough — HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!- to stay home on Disability. Yea, Lucky us! BTW, depending on your mood, there’s always the sarcastic smile and, “Why do you ask?” OR “um, none of your business.” there ya go! xo


  2. Erin Says:

    The insensitivity of people amazes me. Really? Unfortunately it is rampant, some people seem to think they “know” more than the rest of us mere mortals. They are apparently gifted with insight into others souls and bodies. They are the same ones who will become outraged when a “seemingly” healthy person with a handicapped sticker parks in a handicapped spot, or tell you they don’t “believe’ in fibromyalagia or chronic fatigue and that “all psychiatrists” are quacks. I imagine it must take a lot of energy to be so right all the time and to judge your fellow man so harshly. Cross him or her off your Christmas card list and save your energy for educating the rest of the world, the world that recognizes there are not black and white answers (and unfortunately diagnostic tools) in our lives. We need advocates like you Kathy- people living with chronic diseases that are willing to put their time and energy into making a positive difference.


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