15 Seconds to a Happier Day

There I was, laying on my bed in pain and with significant “cog fog”.  Those nagging questions were hovering nearby:  will I recover from this?  will I ever be able to form full-sentences again?  am I of use to anyone?  am I of value?  do I bring anything to this world or am I just a placeholder?

Then it happened: I heard the “ding” of my computer, signaling that I had received an email.  It was a contact form submission from this site.  Someone had left me a message from the “Contact” page.  I was feeling too weak and tired to actually lift the laptop, so I chose to check the email from my phone.  And there it was – a note from an kind soul, telling me that she appreciates me producing the FUMS Podcast Show!  WHAT?!?!?  I am of value?  I am helping someone?  I am making a difference in this world?  YIPPEE!!  I magically felt stronger, with less pain and more clarity.

Best Drug

What made the difference in how I felt?  Appreciation.  AND the fact that someone took time out of their busy day to write me a note – that had such a profound affect on me.  My day had been made.  My psychological as well as my physiological well-being had been moved by this note.  Things looked brighter and I felt better.  And why?  Someone took the time – couldn’t have been more than 15 seconds – to jot a quick email to me telling me that I was helping them.  It made me feel so good – and I assumed it made them feel good sending it.  After all – we very rarely do things that we’re un-incentivized to do.

Good Feelings All Around

It occurred to me that not only had this 15 second gesture impacted me – but I know when I’ve done something that had a positive outcome for someone else – it’s made me feel really good!  Especially if I knew that the person had truly benefitted by my action.  So – (to the writer of that note) thank you so much for the kind note of appreciation for my podcast.  It’s spurring me on to continue my work on behalf of the FUMS community.  And, as a reminder to all of us – let’s be aware of what a difference a kind word, a call, an email, a text or a note of appreciation can make for both the giver and the receiver.  Let’s take that 15 seconds and impact the world – our world – in a positive way. Please – share what you do with your 15 seconds of “feel good” in the comments section of this post.  You may give someone else a great idea!

7 thoughts on “15 Seconds to a Happier Day”

  1. A little positivity definitely goes a long way. I literally don’t know how I would make it through without almost daily pep talks from my amazing, patient superman husband 🙂

    1. BTW Lindsay – the note I referred to in this post – was yours!! Thanks for taking the time that it took (15 seconds??) to make my day – and then some!!

  2. The world can never have too much kindness! I love how Ellen ends her show everyday by saying, “Be kind to one another.” With ppms I can’t do the community building work I used to, put from my power wheelchair I can still smile and listen and tell others what a good job they’re doing!
    Thanks for the reminder, Kathy!

  3. I have made a special attempt to say hello and smile to strangers lately. People are surprised at that at times but I feel good just doing it and it might make a difference to that stranger that day.

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