Multiple Sclerosis News Update


Multiple SclerosisNews Update


LOADS of MS information in this post.  Find what’s interesting to you and click the link to read the article.  Enjoy!! […]

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FUMS 006 – Erin Clayton, Raising Money and Awareness of Multiple Sclerosis

Erin Clayton - FUMS Now Podcast

Erin Clayton

On today’s episode, we’ll meet Erin Clayton, a fellow MS’er who views her diagnosis as a blessing in disguise. WHAT?? I know – I’ll ask her about that! She was diagnosed 8 years ago and since, has raised over $200,000 for the National MS Society!! She’s back in school getting her Certified Nonprofit Professional certification and I’m sure we’ll all be hearing a lot more about her in the future. She’s got a lot of energy and a great FUMS attitude!! What more do you need??

You’ll Learn:

  • How Transverse Myelitis brought about Erin’s diagnosis
  • How Erin handled dating with MS
  • How Erin and her family raise a HUGE amount of money for the National MS Society
  • What tips Erin has for utilizing a dry erase board and a journal to track injection sites and symptoms

Resources in the Episode:

Erin’s Entourage link


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Multiple Sclerosis News Update

Multiple SclerosisNews Update


I’m starting a new feature here at FUMS – “Multiple Sclerosis News Update.”  I’ll provide the headlines and the links to the most compelling stories in the Multiple Sclerosis world in the past 2 weeks.  Please let me know whether or not this is of value to you.  Leave me a message in the comment section below this post.  Thanks.


Researchers Identify Potential Cause of Multiple Sclerosis Movement and Balance Issues


Landmark Study Finds Previously Unknown Link Between The Brain And Immune System


Resetting the Immune System may halt Multiple Sclerosis progression


News about multiple sclerosis from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society


3D Printing Helps in Creation of Eye-Movement Controlled Wheelchair For The Paralyzed


Comorbidities in Multiple Sclerosis May Influence Pain


Q&A with Michael P. Pappano from the University of PA Health System: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment


Lottery winner Peter Congdon to fund multiple sclerosis facility


Little-Known Provision of the Affordable Care Act Is About to Pay Major Dividends for U.S. ConsumersInnate Lymphoid Cell Identified As Cause of Multiple Sclerosis Gender Differences


Carriers of Genetic Mutation at 17 Times Greater Risk for Multiple Sclerosis


Q&A With Herb Karpatkin from Hunter College Patients With Multiple Sclerosis May Benefit From Higher Intensity Weight Program


Drugs that Treat Skin Conditions May Help Combat Multiple Sclerosis


Stem Cells As The Road To Repairing Multiple Sclerosis


Q&A With Megan Weigel From Baptist Neurology: Treating Sexual Dysfunction in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis



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FUMS 005 – Organ Donation

CORE logo Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS   In this episode of the FUMSnow Podcast Show, I interview Susan Stuart, President & CEO of CORE – the Center for Organ Recovery and Education.  We talk about the need for organ donation and the easy process for sign […]

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To Take Drugs or Not – That Is The Question

When I was first diagnosed, the neurologist pushed a pile of information across his desk at me and told me to go home and digest it – and come back in a week with a decision as to which drug I wanted to start on immediately.  It was understood that I would be starting on […]

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